About Me


When my sister was expecting her first babies and she arrived home from a cake course (where she had tried to make a teddy bear cake), I had to love her and her efforts, be kind with my comments and ignore the ‘’grizzly bear’ she’d created. She begged me: “I just want my babies to have beautiful cakes ….so will you make them pleeeease?”

And so my journey began…

So now it’s a biiig thank you to: My beautiful sister for starting me on this journey (…this is all your fault!); To my family, nephews, niece and beloved friends, for inspiring new and challenging designs; To my mother for her constant encouragement and support and to my Dad and Judy for putting together my cake studio.

My goal is now to help you create your very own Pinterest-perfect cakes, that you will enjoy to make, that will be talked about for all the RIGHT reasons and that will add to your celebration as a memory-maker for years to come.

So, thank you for sharing this creative journey

Together we can make delightful designs and create meaningful moments!