Slight cracks and domes are normal in baking.


If a dome appears on your cake you can either ice over the top of it, or rest a bread knife on the edge of the baking pan and use it as a to guide to cut off the dome

Cake Dome

Cake height

Your Cake Kit includes pre-measured portion of cake mix. When this is added with water (as prescribed) it will be enough cake batter to create a 7″ x at least 2.5″ cake. Once your cake has bakes, there should be a slight height difference between the cake and the top edge of the cake pan.

The gap between your baked cake and the edge of the cake pan is for your icing to sit nicely within the pan sides. The edge of the pan will be your icing guide.

Icing Cake

Is it cooked?

Insert a toothpick or wooden BBQ skewer into the centre of your cake or cupcake. Check the end of the toothpick to see if your cake is ready or not.

It came out clean – Hooray! Your cake is cooked

There are a few dry crumbs – Hooray! Your cake is cooked

There are a few wet crumbs on my toothpick – It needs more cooking time

There is batter on my toothpick / it looks wet – It needs more cooking time

If your cake needs more cooking time do not worry, it probably is not anything you have or have not done; everyone’s oven acts differently and has different hot spots.

Pop your cake back in the oven for another 3 – 4 minutes and then try again. Don’t forget to set your timer!

Another way to tell if your cake is ready or not is to do the ‘spring back test’. Lightly touch the centre of your cake, if it ‘springs back’ and feels spongy then it should be done.

When your cake is cooked it should be a fairly even colour (darker on the edges is normal) and it may have pulled away from the disposable cake pan slightly. Do not be concerned if it does not pull away around the entire edge.