How to Unpack your Topper

  1. Open the box at the place indicated.
  2. Gently remove any padding from around the topper.
  3. If you cannot easily remove the Topper from the box, cut the box away from the Topper.
  4. Please handle the topper like it is a baby chick made of glass!

Always handle the topper with extra care, it is made of sugar, not plastic and can easily break.

How to Anchor the Topper to the Cake

  1. First decide in advance where your topper/s will be placed before you put it/them onto your cake, because several ‘tries and changes’ can increase the chances of both a disappointing placement and a possible breakage.
  2. You will find a hole underneath the Topper. Insert a BBQ skewer the same size or smaller into the hole under the Topper. Push it in as far as it easily goes. NEVER force it, otherwise it will crack and break.
  3. Position the Topper over the cake where you think you would like it and lightly mark the place with the skewer.

Don’t be tempted to push the Topper directly into the cake.

  • Remove the Stick from the Topper and Double check your BBQ Skewer won’t be too tall for your cake.
  • Place the stick (without Topper) into the cake, ideally pushing it down until it hits your cake board and has enough to support the Topper.
  • Place the Topper over the stick and attach into place.

How to travel with your Cake

If you are transporting your cake to another venue, place the cake (in its cake box) onto a non-slip mat into the passenger well (or boot) of your car. Leave the placement of the topper until you arrive at the venue, because it only takes moments to arrange the topper when you arrive, but a bumpy, or a warm/unbalanced car trip can create havoc to both cake and topper.

The Topper should travel to the venue in the original box (not on the cake)

How to Store your Cake Topper

Keep your Topper in the box provided and store it in a cool, dark place. DO NOT place it in the fridge, otherwise it will melt. If your topper is left in direct sunlight the colours may fade.