If you need a thin line

Roll the tip of your brush around in the water + paint mix – so it will form a sharp point on your brush, gather as much pigment as possible onto the tip, and also so it will ‘go the distance’ needed for the line. Don’t overload your brush – (you can test it on the cardboard next to the colour block if you’re not sure!), then lightly pull the brush, as upright as possible, to draw the thin line.

You need a thicker line?

Roll the brush into the paint to about half way up the brush (not just on the tip, as you will need more paint). Starting on the tip of the brush, pull it gently and with slightly more force and angle, as this will then spread the brush hairs, making the line wider

Need dots?

Use the tip of the brush, upright, with a small amount of paint and a tiny amount of pressure for small dots – and a larger amount of paint and pressure for larger dots. Gently touch the surface of the topper until the right-sized dot forms


Wipe off GENTLY with clean brush and a tiny amount of water. If you use a lot of water, the topper will dissolve. You can also use a clear alcohol e.g. Vodka or Cake Decorators Rose Spirit to dilute, mix and remove edible paints. The alcohol dissolves after a few seconds, so it will not be present when consumed.