You will need a small glass of water to activate the paint. Have another glass of water handy to wash your brush in between colour changes. Use paper towel to dry your brush.


Add a drop or two of water onto each colour square and wait 60 seconds for activation.


Give your palette a good stir until you see it form into an opaque paint. For a bright, even application the paint needs to have the consistency of ‘runny cream’ (i.e. not too watery and thin). Add more water and stir again if needed.


Paint in one direction to achieve the best results. Don’t paint over wet paint, let it dry before applying a second coat. Wash brush well to avoid colour mixing.


While the icing on your cake or cupcake is still soft, place your decorated toppers onto your cake / cupcake. When the icing sets it will hold the topper like ‘glue’.

Please note

These decorations will ‘melt’ if you place them in the fridge, therefore the best place to store them is on your benchtop, in the cake box provided. The edible paint product is meant to be consumed once is has been painted onto your topper, it is not to be consumed directly from the palette.


Water, Gum Arabic, Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigments, E171 Titanium Dioxide, E172 Iron Oxide, Citric Acid. (E133 & E102 included in Blue and Green shades).