What is a Cake Topper?

Cake toppers are decorations that sit on top of an iced cake. Often wood, plastic and mass-produced. My Tiny Toppers are hand-made, edible and personalised decorations to make your heart sing and their eyes sparkle.

What is a ‘Tiny Topper Cake Kit’?

My kits are a complete kit that includes the cake and icing dry mix, baking pan, cake box, step by step instructions and themed edible decorations. These are perfect themed cakes and cupcakes for birthday parties, special occasions, baby showers, Christenings, Teacher thank you presents

What is a Gender Reveal Cake?

A Gender Reveal Cake is a fun way to find out the sex of your unborn baby! When it’s time to find out the sex of your baby, ask your doctor to write down the result on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. No peeking! Give the envelope to whoever is making your cake for you (someone other than the expecting parents). They should then colour the cake batter pink or blue before baking, or buy a Tiny Topper Cake Kit that is pre-coloured for you! Once the cake is cooked, ice it carefully (to hide the cake colour) in a neutral colour and add the Tiny Topper decorations.

When the parents cut the cake, they will see a pink cake if it’s a girl or a blue cake if it’s a boy. For twins that are one of each sex, simply colour it purple, or make it a two-layered cake.

    What if I don’t want to make my own cake?

    If you don’t want to, or don’t have time to make a cake, don’t worry! there are plenty of options available. If you are buying a cake, I recommend buying one that has a simple icing or fondant finish so that it does not take away from the fabulous decorations.

    Here are a couple of places that have ready-made cakes, or cakes that can be ordered on fairly short notice: Coles, Woolworths, The Cheesecake Shop, Michel’s patisserie, your local bakery…

    If you would like a professional cake maker to make the cake for you, I can put you in contact with someone local

    What type of cake do I need

    A packet cake is absolutely fine to make!

    I recommend that you choose a cake that will withstand the weight of the decorations. Sponge cakes or cakes layered with whipped cream are not sturdy enough. A great fail safe is a Mud cake; they are fantastically sturdy, keep well and taste yummy.


    How do I ice my cake?

    If you have bought a Cake Kit it will include step by step instructions and a link to further information, hints and tips.

    If you are making your own icing, follow the recipe from your favourite buttercream icing, ganache recipe or packet cake mix, then add a colour to match your chosen theme and apply a layer of icing to your cake.

    Cake decorations can be placed straight onto an iced cake, or a cake covered in fondant (fondant is that lovely smooth finish you see on most professionally decorated cakes)


    What size cake do I need?

    My cake toppers and decorations have all been designed around an 7” / 18cm cake.


    What allergies should I be aware of?*

    I use a combination of the following ingredients in my cake toppers and decorations:

    Fondant – gluten free, dairy free, soy and nut free*, vegan

    Gum Paste – gluten free, dairy free, soy and nut free*. Contains egg whites

    Modelling chocolate – contains compound chocolate and corn syrup

    Edible paints

    Petal dusts. These are non- toxic and food safe

    Tylose or CMC powder

    Edible glue

    *Although I am always careful to choose and use products, mindful of allergies, I cannot guarantee traces of allergens will not be found in my products.

    Are these items edible?

    My Cake Toppers and Decorations are made using products that are non-toxic and food safe. Some of toppers may need to have an internal structure or include an non-edible item. If these need to be used I will include instructions on how to remove these items prior to consumption.



    How can I purchase items?

    Please visit my online shop

    Alternatively, my Cake Toppers are displayed for sale at Latorta and Across The Board Cake Decorating shops in Canberra.

    I attend the Handmade Markets in Canberra and I carry a small amount of ready-made stock which you can purchase onsite. I am also happy to bring pre-ordered items to these markets if you wish to pick up your item.

    Private consultations at the Tiny Toppers Studio by appointment only.


    Do you offer Custom Designs?

    Yes! I would be delighted to work on something special for you. Please contact me via email or through the Custom Orders page on this website.

    Any item ordered from a picture or photo produced by another cake maker will be reproduced as an interpretation of that image and will not be an exact reproduction due to copyright law.


    Can I customise an item displayed on your website?

    Yes! Please add a note to your item at time of purchase and I can adjust the colours. If a larger design variation is required I will contact you.


    Changes to orders

    If you have placed an order and need to make an alteration, please contact me straight away. If I have not started making the item, I am happy to make changes where possible. As I hand make each item fresh, to order, if I have already started making your piece, then unfortunately I will not be able to make a new item, unless a new item is paid for.

    If the change requested is not a part of the original design, then additional charges may apply.


    Can I mix and match?

    Absolutely! My toppers and decoration can either come in a matching kit, or you can mix and match different items to get the exact look you are after.


    Can you colour match?

    As I hand colour your topper or decoration, I am happy to work towards making as close a match as possible, to harmonise with your invitations, party theme or celebration colours. So please contact me prior to purchase so we have time for consultation. I cannot offer a 100% colour matching promise, however I will try my very best!


    Artistic License Disclaimer
    My items are all handmade and therefore no two items will ever be an exact match. From time to time I may need to make decisions during the creative process that may affect the style, proportion or structure of the item.

    Colour can be subjective, and it is vital that if you require an exact colour match (see colour match above), that you provide a physical colour sample, as colours viewed on screens may vary from the real thing.

    If you require a ribbon for your cake, I will do my best to colour match, however I am limited by what my suppliers can provide. You may elect to not use the ribbon I send you and instead provide your own.


    Can I see the Toppers and Cake Kits in person before buying?

    Please like us on Facebook to find out when we are displaying at local shows and markets.

    A selection of my toppers are displayed for sale at Latorta and Across The Board Cake Decorating shops in Canberra. From time to time I attend the Handmade Markets in Canberra

    How far in advance should I order?

    All items require a minimum of 3 business days in-order to make and dry your pieces before it is considered ready. This does not include delivery and postage times. Please contact me prior to purchase if you have ordered multiple items or require a shorter turn around.

    Please note that some items may require a longer production time due to the nature of the design and drying times. Please refer to each items description for further details.


    Can you cater for large orders?

    Yes! For large orders, please contact me prior to purchase to discuss production times.


     Can I order an item now, but have delivery closer to the party date?

    Absolutely! you will be able to select your preferred date at checkout.



    Postage and Delivery

    Do you have a home-or-office delivery?

    Yes, I can arrange delivery to you, within the Canberra region, for an additional fee.


    Can I pick my Topper up instead of paying for delivery?

    Absolutely – I am located in the Belconnen region of Canberra ACT.

    What is your shipping policy?

    These items are very delicate and so shipping it is not my preferred option (as damage may occur once the item has left the premises).

    However, I do carefully pack and can arrange postal delivery – on the proviso that you understand that all items are sent through Australia Post or a courier and that, once they leave us, they are then subject to their handling and delivery policy.


    Do you ship internationally?

    I am happy to discuss the options with you.

    Although I have successfully delivered Tiny Toppers to the other side of the world, I prefer in-Australia shipping and home-delivery.

    How long will my Tiny Topper take to arrive?

    Australia Post estimates 2 – 6 business days for delivery.


     How do I estimate the time needed for arrival?

    Please note that my items are made fresh-to-order and that each item requires a different production time (depending on its complexity and drying time).


     My item was damaged in transit, what can I do?

    I will try to advise you on ways to ‘rescue’ your Topper…

    However, unfortunately, once the item has left our premises it is in the hands of Australia Post. Please refer to their policy on lost or damaged goods https://auspost.com.au/receiving/missing-damaged-or-delayed-items


    My items haven’t arrived yet. What can I do?

    You should have received an email from Australia Post or the courier company with tracking information and an approximate delivery time and date. If you have not received this email, you can track your order through their website using your tracking ID. If you have not received your tracking ID, or you are having further problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    What payment types do you accept?

    I accept payment via PayPal

    Pricing & GST

    All pricing is in AUD and includes GST. Postage, delivery and insurance fees are charged separately


    Do you keep my credit card details?

    No. Physical copies of your details are not kept by Tiny Toppers



    100% payment is due at the time of purchase. 50% is payable on custom designs only, with the balance due 2 day prior to leaving our studio.

    Our customers are protected by Australian Consumer Guarantees – please refer to this link for your rights as a consumer 

    Do you offer returns and exchanges?

    I take great care to ensure I produce the highest quality, most consistent product possible and that the final piece(s) are as close a match to the agreed design as possible. However, as my Tiny Toppers are all hand and custom-made they will invariably differ slightly from the website photo or item displayed.

    I offer a partial or full refund if:

    • The item received is not the item ordered
    • The item received is vastly different from the item ordered in size, shape or colour
    • The item is broken or damaged before delivery. Please refer to our policy on postage and delivery

    I do not offer refunds or exchanges if:

    • You change of mind, as each item is made to order specifically for you.
    • Your item does not arrive on time for your event. Please refer to our policy on delivery and ordering
    • Your item is broken or damaged after it has left our studio. Please refer to our policy on postage and delivery

    Customer Dissatisfaction and Satisfaction

    Both complaints and compliments are important to me, so I want to hear from you!

    I started this business because I want to provide you with a high-quality product for your special event.

    So if you are dissatisfied with my products or service, please contact me immediately on 0449 892 867 or email info@tinytoppers.com.au to both provide me with feedback and so we can find a resolution together.

    Complaints will be effectively assessed and responded to within 48 hours.

    Compliments will be received with pleasure at any time – with many thanks!


    Cancellation after payment.  

    Once payment has been received, I start work on your item, therefore payments are non-refundable and non-transferable for change of mind.

    Cancellation when the design has not been chosen

    Deposits are non-refundable, however, may be used towards a future order when that order is confirmed at time of cancellation.

    Trading Hours & Communication

    I work for myself and have a busy family… so my hours are crowded but somewhat flexible. So please excuse me if I need to email you at an odd hour!

    I will always try to ensure I reply to your enquiry ASAP. Email is my best method of contact.

    Terms & Conditions

    Acceptance of this agreement is contingent upon Tiny Toppers being able to complete the agreement and is subject to accidents, Acts of God, and other causes beyond our control. In the rare instance whereby Tiny Toppers is unable to fulfil the order, all efforts will be made to find a suitably qualified decorator. Should another decorator not be available, a full refund of any payments made will be issued.

    By paying either a deposit or the full amount, the client accepts these Terms & Conditions and those found on our website.

    Privacy & Security

    What is your privacy policy?

    Because your privacy is important to me and as an extremely private person who values my privacy, ethical family values, good business practice and good customer relations, I will therefor also value your privacy as well.


    Your information will not be distributed, used or sold to third parties.

    I will only ask for and use the information I need to make and send you your custom-made Tiny Topper