Chocolate Images

Create any image into a chocolate treat!

Chocolate Images are 2D chocolates that have your image, photo, drawing, or business logo transferred onto the chocolate using edible inks. Your Chocolate Image can then be placed directly on top of your cake, cupcake, icing or cookie as an impressive and delicious decoration!

Unless otherwise discussed, these chocolate images will be created using white chocolate; to retain as much colour vibrancy from the original image as possible.

Chocolate Pop Up Images

Create clever and easy ‘pop-up’ background images for your cake, or add dimension to your cupcakes with Tiny Toppers ‘Chocolate pop up images’.

Chocolate Pop-Up images, are similar to ‘Chocolate Images’, however your chocolate image will have a toothpick, lollipop stick, or BBQ skewer inserted into the back of the chocolate image, so that it can easily sit on top of your cake, cupcake or sweet treat, much like a lollipop…but chocolate.