Dinosaur themed cakes will never be extinct, but they also don’t have to be filled with fierce looking creatures.
These edible cake toppers will ensure your cake is a roaring success.

Price is per Dinosaur

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Dinosaur cake toppers are 100% edible, so whether you have a carnivore or herbivore, these cake toppers are sure to have your little one roaring with delight!
These dinosaur cake toppers are made from Fondant, Rice Krispy (Rice Bubbles and Marshmallows) and Sugar Pearls
Triceratops L12cm x W8cm x H11xm (approx.)
T-Rex L9cm x W6cm x H11cm (approx.)
Pterodactyl L6cm, W7cm, H9cm (approx.)

These dinosaurs are examples of previous work, I can make any species of Dinosaur that you are after. I can also make them look more realistic, like baby Dino’s, or cute and sweet.

When specifying colour, don’t forget to tell me what type of dinosaur you are after as well!

If you would like something more specific, please let me know by clicking here